Meet Anne Bouchard

      Founder of Simplified Tutoring




  • Students have included: elementary-ages through adults as I have served as both teacher and administrator
  • Educational settings have included:  public and private schools, military classrooms for servicemen and women, and  language centers for English learners
  • Subjects have included: all elementary, as well as upper-level English, English Language Learners, learning/life skills and In-Depth Bible Studies 

More In-Depth:

I grew up in New Hampshire, and graduated cum laude from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. My major was American Studies, for which I wrote a historical novella about the Underground Railroad. Its setting was a NH farm that was a “station” on the railroad. Following that I married my husband, an officer in the U.S. Army at the time, which meant we moved a lot. Although we have moved over ten times, we have remained in the Eastern and Midwestern sections of the U.S. As a result, I don’t have a distinctive regional accent, and that has been very helpful in my profession, particularly when teaching ESL.

From second grade on I wanted to be a teacher. The first teaching position I had was as an intern for the Advanced Studies Program at St. Paul’s School in Concord, N.H. There I assisted the head of the English Department where classes of ten to twelve students met for college-level work. My responsibilities included leading discussions, providing extra help outside class, and evaluating students’ writing.

When my husband and I moved to GA with the Army, I was hired to teach cotton mill workers who had been recently unionized and obtained the opportunity to receive their GEDs. This was daunting, since most students were older than I and some were reading at a 3rd grade level. Nonetheless, I met them with enthusiasm and determination, and taught not only a multitude of academic skills, but incorporated life skills like using the library, shopping economically for food, and doubling recipes. While it was nothing to which I had aspired, I found it incredibly gratifying, and from that my interest in adult education was born.

With another move I began teaching Life Coping Skills to enlisted soldiers whose commanders had selected troops with particular needs to attend classes after-hours. Again, it was a dramatic shift from my expectations and it included many challenges, but it gave me an appreciation for the vast range of ability levels and backgrounds that students bring to a class. As I did that I also taught middle school, and my tenure with those students included taking them to Washington, D.C. For many students, this was their first trip outside the state.

We returned to New England, where I worked as an Assistant to the Dean of Students at Mount Holyoke College.  My primary responsibility was to work with the international students at the college, who were from a variety of foreign countries. It was a privilege to help them understand customs in the United States and to host them in our home, and there my love for working with students from a variety of backgrounds was born.

There was another move within New England, and I was hired as a “permanent substitute” for the local elementary school, which meant that I moved from class to class to teach classes from 1st through 5th grades while the teachers met with parents and special education professionals to determine the educational plan (IEP) for those students who needed individualized services. The position meant that I moved from grade to grade and subject to subject throughout the day, which fostered flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to a variety of subjects and age groups.

Then we moved to Florida, where I taught 5th grade in a self-contained classroom, and after several years was asked to serve as the new Elementary Administrator who would report to the Headmaster. The school began with preschool and went through 12th grade. In that role I administered entrance exams and placement tests, handled discipline when students were sent to me by teachers, managed class schedules, and aided teachers with curriculum and student/parent issues. Following that I taught middle school English and served as Dean of Girls. When we moved again, I worked in the library of a private school and then was hired to teach middle school English as well as Eagle Living, which incorporated learning styles, study skills, time management and organization. During that time I also taught English to the wife of a corporate intern who was from Brazil.

Following our next move to Ohio I was asked to be a small group leader in the Bible study in which I was enrolled. After the unexpected move of another woman I was asked to become the Teaching Leader, a position which involved preparing a 45- minute weekly lecture on a given passage of Scripture. Each week I trained leaders whom I had interviewed and selected to be group leaders, and then delivered the lecture to around 200 women. Each study was 32 weeks long, and I served in that role for seven years, until we moved again.

During our time in Ohio and since then I have tutored privately and been a mentor in Gwinnett and Fulton County schools. In addition, I have taught adult ESL and Korean students in an enrichment program that was literature-based. It was offered after school and in the summer. The Korean students ranged in age from 5 to 15. Tutoring in Atlanta has included Russian, Chinese and Korean professionals.

Thankfully, we have adult children in greater Atlanta as well as Indiana. Being able to operate Simplified Tutoring is a dream that allows me to continue teaching a range of subjects to a variety of students. It is the perfect culmination of the broad-based professional experiences I have had that equip me to serve you.